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Around 60% of cars now have air con, or climate control. This is where air is cooled in the car by cooling the air through a condenser. Without getting too techy to make the air cold in your car refrigerant gas is condensed and then air is passed over the condenser (which is just like a radiator) and through vents and into your car.
If it all works correctly you get very cold air from your vents.
Each year a small amount (10 to 15%) of gas permeates from the system, when this happens the effectiveness of your A/C diminishes.
Mantles in Biggleswade have been servicing Air Conditioning in cars for many years. We are one of a very few dealers who can re gas later model cars with the new HFO-1234yf gas.
As you may be aware the Refrigerant gas is not terribly ozone friendly, so it is a good idea to keep your Air Con serviced by an expert.

Here are the reasons why you should keep your Air Con system in tip top condition.

1. Fully topped up will be far more efficient.
2. We always check for leaks as we don’t want gas to escape and stop your AC working.
3. Bacteria can build up in the condenser, this may smell musty and will definitely not be very good for you.
4. There are several different types of Refrigerant and it takes a real expert to know the correct type of gas to re-fill your system with.

Be warned the nozzles to re-fill / re-gas  are indentical and if the gas’s get mixed a huge amount of damage will occur.

Here is a quick guide to see if your AC / Climate Control needs servicing.

1. Its not as cold as it used to be.
2. The windows are misting up.
3. It smells a bit musty
4. Your cars is not getting the same MPG

Call today and get your car air conditioning checked.

We can top up / recharge your car with the following Air Con Gas’s  R134a, and the latest new car environmentally refridgerant R1234yf or sometimes referred to as HFO-1234yf
This latest gas is fitted to all new cars type approved after 2011.
If your car is still using R12 gas we can upgrade you to the R134a.
It is no longer legal to supply R12 gas.

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