Here is a quick guide as to the benefits of the various types of finance available to the business user.
You should always seek independent professional advice in relation to taxation and VAT issues. Restrictions apply.
Please call us at Mantles, we are here to offer additional independent financial guidance.

  • Contract Hire
  • Traditional HP Finance
  • Finance Lease Commercials only

Contract Hire
1. Fixed Low Rentals
Low fixed cost monthly rentals help improve cash flow.

2. Zero Depreciation
No depreciation risk irrespective of how long you run the vehicle.

3. More Tax Efficient
Claim your rentals back against Income or Corporation Tax.

4. VAT Reclaimable
Up to 100% of the rental VAT can be reclaimed on LCV᾿s and up to 50% on Cars.

5. Includes Road Tax
Annual Road Fund Licence is included for the duration of the contract.

Hire Purchase
1. Traditional form of vehicle financing.

2. You’ll receive a fixed interest rate for the loan duration.

3. Regular fixed payments to suit your business needs.

4. Choice from a wide range of repayment periods and deposit levels. At the end of the agreement, assuming all payments (including the Purchase Fee) have been made, your business owns the vehicle. As owners of the vehicle, your business retains any profit from the sale of the vehicle. Writing down allowances may be available.

1.Minimal capital outlay – typically three monthly rentals.

2. Fixed repayments to assist cash flow and budgeting.

3. Tax and VAT advantages may be available.

4. An additional line of credit for your business.

5. Reduce your regular rentals by choosing the Finance Lease with a ‘balloon’ option.

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