• MSP covers the first three services (If applicable the initial oil change due at 1 month or 1,000 miles is also included).
  • 1st (MSP) service and the initial oil change, where applicable, must be carried out within 13 months of first registration, 2nd (MSP) service must be carried out within 25 months of first registration, 3rd (MSP) service must be carried out within 37 months of first registration. Services must be carried out in accordance with the mileage and time criteria necessary to maintain warranty cover as detailed in the owners handbook.
  • MSP includes the full factory scheduled services and include parts as defined by the vehicle manufacturer such as filters, oil and consumables as well as all labour costs. The service schedule does not include wear and tear items such as brake pads and discs, clutches, tyres etc. For full details of the service schedules for a specific model please contact your local Mitsubishi dealer.
  • Each service and the initial oil change must be carried out by a UK-based Mitsubishi Motors authorised dealership. The service price will not be refunded if the service is carried out by an independent garage (non-Mitsubishi Motors authorised dealer). Your vehicle may be serviced at any Mitsubishi Motors dealership, not just the dealer from whom you purchased MSP.
  • If all three services have not been taken, in the event of a vehicle being written off, an appropriate proportion of the MSP purchase price will be refunded without administration charge.
  • MSP will not be refunded in any other circumstances.
  • The following methods of payment are acceptable
    • a. Included in your finance agreement.
    • b. Cash or cheque via your Mitsubishi Motors dealer (some dealers may accept payment by credit card).

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