A warm welcome to award winning Mantles…

There has been a steady start to 2012 with new and
used car sales up on early 2011 and the outlook for the
rest of the year looking reasonably bright.
This improvement is, I believe, due to a number of
complementary factors. The gradually improving economic
conditions across the country, the tempting new car
offers available from our manufacturers – Ford, Kia and
Mitsubishi – allied to the outstanding quality of the
vehicles they manufacture and the attention they are
attracting because of the industry awards they have
won in recent years and continue to win during 2012.
You can see evidence of this just inside this newsletter
– and we’re delighted to say that one of our young
Technicians at Royston has won an award too. You can
read about James’ achievements and meet some of
our other key staff too.

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